Infrastructure and Specification of K. B. Raval Pharmacy College - institute

Infrastructure and Specification of K. B. Raval Pharmacy College - institute


The institute is situated in exotic locales of Gandhinagar the capital city of Gujarat 30kms. from Ahmedabad. The environment provides for stimulating intellectual alertness, creativity and a burning desire for learning. In addition to this the place has been exclusively embarked for educational purposes by the Government of Gujarat. The campus has been made with Lush Green lawns and trees all over providing and ambience befitting an academic institute. This in itself act as a motivator for students to get themselves better education. Apart from this the institute is well served with 24 hour security system where in only authorised persons are allowed entry.

Research Lab.

Departments & Laboratories
The following departments and laboratories have been established according to the norms of AICTE for pharmaceutical education :

1. Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutics

  • Remington Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology equipped with Mechanical stirrers, Digital balance, Tray dryer, Double cone blender, and Steam distillation still etc.
  • Martin Laboratory of Physical Pharmacy equipped with Microscopes Stage and eye piece micrometers, Brookfield viscometer / rheometer, Vacuum Pump, Incubator etc.
  • Max Peter Laboratory of Pharmaceutical engineering equipped with Bulk Density Apparatus, Standard sieves, sieve no. 8, 10, 12, 22, 24, 44, 66, 80, Hot Plate, Conical Percolator,  Digital balance  etc.
  • Pfizer Laboratory of Industry equipped with Pharmaceutical production machines like Rotary tablet machine, Manual capsule filling and sealing machine, bottle filling and sealing machine, Tablet coating machine, High speed homogenizer, Ampoule filling and sealing machine, Ointment filling machine ,Ultracentrifuge, Ball mill, Collapsible tube crimping machine, Orbital shaker incubator. Also equipped with different evaluation machines like Stability chamber, Dissolution test apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, Friability testing apparatus, Sieve shaker, Monsanto’s hardness tester etc.
  • Lachmann Laboratory of of Pharmaceutical Microbiology equipped with different instruments and facilities like, AHU (Air Handling Unit) system for sterile air supply, Laminar Air Flow, Hot air oven, auto clave, BOD incubator, Colony counter,  Micropipettes (single and multi channeled), Zone reader etc.


2. Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Biochemistry provides all the necessary glasswares, reagents, solvents and chemicals.
  • Laboratory of Medicinal chemistry is well equipped with instruments like Distillation Unit, Reflux flask and condenser single necked, Reflux flask and condenser double / triple necked, Arsenic Limit Test Apparatus, Microwave Oven, Hot plates, Oven, Digital balance etc.
  • Instrumental Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis is well designed with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, Gel Electrophoresis, UV- Visible Spectrophotometer, Flourimeter, Rotameter, Colorimeter, Digital pH meter, Flame Photometer, Potentiometer, Conductometer, Digital Balance (1mg sensitivity) etc.
  • Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Analysis is also furnished with all the necessary glasswares, chemicals and basic instruments.


3. Department of Pharmacology

A) Department of Pharmacology

  • Laboratory of Anatomy and Physiology is equipped with Microscopes, Haemocytometer with Micropipettes, Sahli’s haemoglobinometer, Spygmomanometer, Permanent Slides for various tissues, Charts and Models for various organ system, Skeleton and bones,etc.
  • Laboratory of Experimental Pharmacology is specially designed to carry out animal model experiments. It is well equipped with necessary instruments like Sherrington Drum, Perspex bath assembly, , Rotarod, Actophotometer, Pole climbing apparatus, Analgesiometer, Plethysmograph, Convulsiometer, Lucas moist chamber, Stimulator, Centrifuge, Digital Balance, Aerators, Digital pH meter.  We also have Software packages for animal experiment.
  • Department has animal house which is well designed as per the norms of Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) guideline. It is Housed with different animals viz. Rat, Rabbit,Guinea Pig and Mice. Animals are maintained as per the norms of CPCSEA and IAEC (Institutional Animal Ethics Committee).


4. Department of Pharmacognosy Pharmacognosy & Advanced Pharmacognosy Laboratories

  • Laboratory of Modern Pharmacognosy furnished with special facilities like Microscope with stage micrometer, Digital Balance, Hot air oven, B.O.D.incubator, Camera Lucida, Eye piece micrometer, Projection Microscope
  • Laboratory of Phytochemistry equipped with Incinerator, Heating mantle, Camera Lucida
  • Crude drug museum.
  • Tissue culture laboratory.

Studies on drugs from herbal origin is increasing day by day. These laboratories assist the students acquire skills of identification, morphological and microscopical studies, isolation, estimation, pharmacological uses and formulation aspects of various medicinal and aromatic plants of traditional value. Special facilities have been created to impart training in tissue culture techniques. Laboratories are equipped with the facilities such as extraction, column chromatography, Colourimetry, Photo Microscopy, HPLC with PDAD & HPTLC


K.B. Raval College of Pharmacy believes in provides Knowledge and Information to students at best level. Books are the arts, the academes that show, contain and nourish the entire world. College has well maintained library and reading room stocked with the latest reference books and textbooks on pharmacy subjects for use to the pharmacy students.


The library acts as the backbone facility for effective learning. Keeping in tune with this, the institute has a sprawling library with a rich collection of 5154 books pertaining to various branches on offer in Engineering Management and also General Books. 650 CDs (CBTs) are also available for use. 46 National & International Magazine & Journals are subscribed apart from that we have subscribed E-Journal and DEL (Digital Engg. Library), where 11,800 E-Journal are available in digital form.

Computer LAB

Institute has developed well equipped computer center and computer lab, Latest Pentium IV computers are networked with managable gigabit campus wide Network. State of Art IT infrastructure and facilities are being placed for the students. Wi-Fi- (Wireless) computing facilities are created for the benefit of students. 


Other Facility

The institute also provides separate Boys and Girls Room and also a crash area for their off the class refreshment. The institute also provides indoor games facilities like carroms, table tennis, chess and outdoor games facilities like volleyball, basketball, cricket, etc.