Facility and Specification for MCA College near Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar

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Facility and Specification for MCA College near Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar


On the initial day of the institute, all first year facilities and specification for MCA college that will assist them to become effective learners and develop the most of their lifestyle at College. The induction program includes information of the training system, schedule, the College rules and control, the library and reference center, computer features, course material and how it is evaluated, and student assistance.



KBRICS presents blazer as a uniform and standards are needed to wear a uniform on the day of Classes, Workshops and Guest Lessons which are arranged for casuals.



The MCA College campus preserves an enthusiastic, extremely qualified team of teachers who perform under the assistance of our dynamic Manager. We delight ourselves on the reliability and skills of all our well certified staff. We ensure all staff proceeds to teach to the best of their capabilities through a ongoing staff growth program and regular examination of the quality of their education.


KBRICS MCA College Life

The college life in KBRICS is very interesting as, along with their research the students are motivated to take part in many additional curricular actions which form their overall individuality.


Holistic Education

Come expertise MCA at KBRICS - this holistic studying and growth experience is what motivates our students to excel.


Vibrancy OF Student Life

An interesting campus life provides beyond the classroom. Lifestyle at MCA at KBRICS isn’t all perform and no play. The scholar forum gives the student a whole new world of social, special passions and sports as well as round-the-year student exercises exist for group bonding, personal development and marketing. The MCA at KBRICS delivers a rich, holistic student expertise while self care you to be a major edge post graduate in a exciting and dynamic way.