Mission of KBRICS MCA College - Vision of K. B. Raval institute for Computer Studies

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Mission of KBRICS MCA College - Vision of K. B. Raval institute for Computer Studies

Mission : The K.B. Raval technical college is dedicated to be a center of Fineness in excellent IT education, coaching and study, planning the areas in the India.


It will be the wish of all achievable regional MCA college students to be well-informed at the K. B. Raval MCA college and institute, which will create postgraduates who are desired after by the MCA occupation for their capabilities, positive results and functions. It will be a company that is fine to the unique needs in the India and will be careful of cultural and ecological problems that effect the lives of the places in the India and as good members of this great group, team and university students will react as responsibly adjust agents in the deliver of IT services.


It will present as a trusted, reliable and all over the world accredited guide center for IT experts in the India.


As the impressive IT training in the India, it will continue to enhance its needs and assist the individuals of the place in a culturally accountable approach.


The administration of K. B. Raval, as guardian of an energized record, defends the passions of the institution and is fully responsible in its financial and functional administration of the organization.


Vision : To be a world class program bridging the gaps in IT education and developing  competencies in the frontier areas of Information Technology, such as “IT Software” and “Software Development”.  It is aimed at creating holistic IT Professionals, synthesizing conventional and modern Software Development thinks with global outlook and having the capabilities of adapting to the changing requirements of IT Industries.